We will provide all cleaning supplies. Please be advised all supplies being used are all natural and contain no harsh chemicals. In the event the client wished to use their own products we will gladly honor their request.  Due to COVID 19 we are no longer providing the following cleaning equipment brooms/dustpan, mops and toilet brushes for our clients safety.



We understand pets are apart of the family and never wish to make them uncomfortable in their own home. We just ask when a service is being conducted, that all family pets are placed in a safe place, so we can provide the best and sufficent cleaning.



In the event you have an infestation problem such as roaches, mice, rats, bed bugs, termites, spiders etc. Please understand we will not service the home or business, until the infestation is addressed. We also do not provide a service to clean up any dead insects from a pervious spraying our bombing. This is to ensure the safety of our staff.



When scheduling your cleaning understand we give you the choice of date and time, that best accomadates you. A reminder text is sent the day before your appointment. You are allowed to reschedule your appointment one time only. In the event you need to cancel, it would need to be done 24 hours prior to the appointment time or at least 3 hours prior on the time of the appointment. If you fail to cancel or reschdule your appointment within these time frames you will be forfeiting your deposit. 

In the event staff arrive to your appointment and you don't answer via call or text after 10 minutes your appointment will be cancelled. You will have to reschdule for the next available date. You will also be forfeiting your deposit 



To secure your appointment a DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED. The deposit amount is 50% of your total. The remaining balance is due in full on the day of service. Deposits can be paid via invoice, Cashapp or Zelle. The handles will be provided upon booking. Please be advised deposits are NONREFUNDABLE